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Become a Member of Commodity Trading Advisors Amazing Secrets Club to Learn The Secrets About Profitable Trading of the Markets

Trading is on an ongoing mission to provide information and knowledge for trading profits and success starting today so learn all the amazing secrets which can lead to profitable commodity futures, stocks and options trading.

  • DayTrading Success secrets - It's possible to daytrade your way to success!

  • How to use small stops to protect you if wrong but limit losses

  • Secrets on how Commodity Trading Advisor's make money

  • Top-Secrets on how to capture open trade profits

  • Amazing chart secrets, charting your way to success

  • Amazing secrets on reducing trading costs so you make more money

  • Secrets on the best markets to trade for trading profits

  • Amazing secrets on getting low brokerage commission rates from any broker

  • Secret way to predict market turning point successfully

  • Combining time frames leading to trading success

  • Amazing Secrets on how to use Resistance & Support lines

  • Amazing ways to trade using Gann's secret techniques

  • Amazing Secret on How to Square Price & Time

  • Secret ways to get and use free market data over the Internet

  • Amazing Secrets on how to evaluate a trading system

  • Secret of number of trades necessary to assure statistical accuracy

  • Larry Williams amazing secrets known to few traders

  • Amazing secret on consecutive losing trade string of Jake Bernstein

  • Secret methods to pick good trade entry points

  • Amazing Secret as to why Seasonal Trades frequently fail

  • Amazing Secrets regarding why Time Cycle trades sometimes will fail

  • Secrets regarding Elliott Waves and why so few make money on them

  • Secrets to reducing stress of trading for better success

  • Secret ways to successfully pick tops and bottoms

  • Secretive technical method of evaluating market trend, up or down

  • Amazing Secrets on how system developers exaggerate their systems record

  • Amazing Secret of the founder of Club 3000 - Apology

  • Amazing Secret regarding W D Gann's use of Astrology in his trading!

  • Amazing Secret regarding the size of W D Gann's Estate!

  • Very simple secret way to judge correctly if market is bullish or bearish

  • Secrets of what your broker does not want you to know

  • The Secret to Success trading commodity and stock options

  • Amazing Secret ways to achieve 90% profitable trades using Options

  • Amazing Secret regarding the best time of the day to trade

  • Secrets regarding the time of the day to avoid trading

  • Amazing Secrets of many trading book authors

  • Amazing Secrets of Money Managers and why results are not usually good

  • Amazing Secret way to win a trading contest

  • Amazing Secret on the worlds largest market, the CME Eurodollar

  • Amazing Secrets on how some systems use faulty data or logic

  • Amazing Secret on how to calculate the size of your stop-loss order

  • Amazing Secret on how to calculate your trade target-price

  • Secrets regarding relying on the Futures Truth Top-11 system results

  • Amazing Secret on optimum number of day trades to make for success

  • Amazing Secret on how many markets to follow for position trading

  • Amazing Secrets on which specific markets to avoid

  • The Secret of Portfolio Diversification

  • Amazing Secrets of the best markets to trade for position trades

  • Amazing Secrets of the best markets to trade for day trading

  • Amazing Secret on how to calculate the size of your stop-loss order

  • Amazing Secret on how to calculate your trade profit-target price

  • Amazing Secret on profitable setting of stops and targets based on numbers

  • Secret way profitable Floor Traders calculate so called Floor Trader Number

  • Secrets regarding Mechanical vs. Subjective trading methods effectiveness

  • Secrets to making consistent money trading Commodity Futures

  • Amazing Secret for Stock Market trading success, including January Barometer

  • Amazing Secret on Trading Simplicity; KISS=Keep It Simple Stupid

  • Plus access to Commodity Traders Club News and back-issues; loaded with Amazing Trading Knowledge

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